Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Computer Crash

Well just when you think everything is going well for yourself the inevitable happens. The dreaded blue screen appeared on my computer and boom, another one bites the dust. So I had fried hard drive for dinner last night. Between computer trama at work with my printer and the big crash at home, I'm having to spend my time trying to dig out my website and rebuild it before no one is the wiser.(did I just let the cat out of the bag?) Well anyway time for a facelift on the old website. I will be reworking the Digiulio Studios site in order to be able to update it in the future. Well maybe I will try to make the best out of this mess and freshen up the old site. (Yeah, that's how I planned it.) My biggest concern is that the new computer I have purchased has MS Vista on it. however Best Buy is offering a free Windows 7 upgrade once it rolls out in October, so even Bill Gates knows that the Vista operating system has much to be desired.

Lessons From DiGiulio Studio