Thursday, August 12, 2010

New work delivered to ArtSource

I recently have created several new pieces for ArtSource of Raleigh, NC. I realzed that the gallery had either sold all my work except for one painting that was out on approval . With their newly expanded gallery at North Hills, I decide it was time to get some new fresh work to them. Also this week Bob Burridge , a fantastic contemporary artist from California has been visiting with us here in Raleigh while conducting a week long workshop at Jerry's Artarama of Raleigh . We discussed a number of topics while he visited our home studio, DiGiulio Studios. He started me thinking of incorporating the use of a theme to help in expanding my ideas of where I will be taking my artwork in the future. I have a refreshed amount of energy to continue with a theme based path of future development. I'm excited!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

In Memorium

I want to make all my readers aware of a awesome project that fellow artist Jacob Joubert is presently working on. Jake, a navy officer stationed here in Raleigh, NC working at NCSU's ROTC program, is developing a series of paintings dealing with the loss of lives of American service members. Each painting in the series represents each war which Americans, throughout history have participated in. The paintings are comprised of a stick mark to represent each American service member that have lost their life in that particular war. Check out Jake's site that deals with this issue as we approach our countries independance this coming July 4th. Take a moment during your 4th to celebrate the lives of those whom have given the ultimate sacrifice for their country. God Bless America!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

New DVD releases: The Fifth Element

Well I am excited about the release of my fifth Art Instructional DVD from "The Abstracted Expressionist Mind " series entitled reasonably enough, "The Fifth Element" , and I am very pleased with the clean, professional result the folks at Burning Oak Studios achieved with the production of this latest release. It's sort of a coalmination of all the DVD's I have done up to this point and it brings the instruction all together into one cohesive finite statement of the entire  intuitive process that goes on inside one's mind while they are in their creative mode.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

New Exhibit on February 12th

I have just finished up on a new group of pieces to be on exhibit at Nicoles Studio this coming second Friday in February. The show is a two person comtemporary abstract show featuring new work by Lisa Stroud and myself. I thought I would throw a teaser out there for you to check out. I have assembled seven to eight pieces of my brand new unshown work that continues on my established"Raleigh Series" and also my "Crossing Series". I don't know where the crossing series came from. It was just something I started for the Capitol Bank show last January in downtown Raleigh and it has just florished from that. The unsusal thing about this themed series is I had no preconcieved notion. It just kinda' evolved out of work I was doing over the last year. I hope you'll be able to come out to see the show on the 12th. Peace

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Workshop at Jerry's Artarama of Raleigh - Feb. 7th

So I have another opportunity to teach a great one day workshop at Jerry's Artarama coming up on February 7th. At first, I thought I didn't do a great job of scheduling seeing that the 7th was Super Bowl Sunday. Then I got to thinking, "Hey, do you want to sit around the house eating some chips and guacamole dip, watching hour after hour of talking head sportscasters pontificating as to who will win the big game, or you could have a great day of using the other side of your brain creating wonderful abstract artwork in acrylics. Well seeing how I would want to always be known as a well rounded individual, (my wife looks at my wasteline and says, "I already am well rounded"), here is an opportunity to satisfy the creative part of my being, then go home and watch the "Big Game" to satisfy the other side of the brain!
Now that I have a brand new super fast computer to begin my blog work in 2010, I am excited about this years events for DiGiulio Studios. From my new workshops schedule for Jerry's and work at Nicole's Studio, Art Source and Spectrum Art and Jewelry in Wilmington. to upcoming new DVD filming in March, the first half of 2010 is filling up fast. Back at DiGiulio Studios we anticipate the completion of the second floor and the beginning of private instruction at the home based facility. We are looking forward to a return to the south of France to visit our good friends at Bruno Charvin Art in Cannes. Excitement abounds and I am hoping if you want to get away from the Super Bowl hype, why don't you sign up and come down to Jerry's this February 7th for a great one day paint fest with yours truely!

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