Friday, May 24, 2013

New Workshop at Jerry's Artarama of Raleigh

The Flyer
I'm excited to be teaching one of my favorite workshops in my "Abstract Expressionisat Mind" Workshops Series at Jerry's Artarama of Raleigh, NC. This coming July 20th and 21st. In this workshop you will be able to explore the enrgy of "Action Painting " in this 2 day weekend workshop. 
Learn to express yourself in a large format work on paper. Large work on paper allows for fearless exploration at a nominal cost for surfaces to paint on. Join me for this super fun 2 day paintfest. Sign Up Here

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

New Workshop April 21-22nd at Jerry's Artarama of Raleigh, NC

Join me for this all day workshop painting multiple acrylic abstract compositions. I will show you how to incorporate these basic elements into creating multiple works at once. This involves, “series painting” were abstract compositions are worked up simultaneously together to incorporate the “Fifth Element” of Context” as the common thread to create color harmony throughout multiple compositions. I will introduce you to my “process” of developing well composed abstract acrylic paintings. Get into the artist head about how the creative process works for you!  Let your freedom of expression soar in this fun and exciting full day workshop.
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