Friday, August 7, 2009

New Commisions

Work has begun in our new studio space on two 36"x60" paintings for a client that has previously purchased two other works by mine through my gallery representative, ArtSource.
There are also some of the new pieces coming out of DiGiulio Studios, and I am very exited and full of creative energy to be able to work in a larger area where space is no longer an issue. I have also been working on painting studies on paper tho work through my new ideas before bring them to canvas. I find that the studies are also nice pieces themselves. I am limiting my palette to black, white and a third color and just a bling of a fourth accent color. These studies are interesting in that they are a combination of several media. Acrylic, graphite, tempera, liquid pencil and oil pastel are some of the media that are being combined in this series of paintings. I will plan to apply these more successful studies to panel in order to make sutiable for framing and display.

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