Thursday, August 12, 2010

New work delivered to ArtSource

I recently have created several new pieces for ArtSource of Raleigh, NC. I realzed that the gallery had either sold all my work except for one painting that was out on approval . With their newly expanded gallery at North Hills, I decide it was time to get some new fresh work to them. Also this week Bob Burridge , a fantastic contemporary artist from California has been visiting with us here in Raleigh while conducting a week long workshop at Jerry's Artarama of Raleigh . We discussed a number of topics while he visited our home studio, DiGiulio Studios. He started me thinking of incorporating the use of a theme to help in expanding my ideas of where I will be taking my artwork in the future. I have a refreshed amount of energy to continue with a theme based path of future development. I'm excited!


  1. Joe, I have enjoyed viewing several of your instructional videos, several times. I am new to acrylics, so the videos are helping me get started. Also, your paintings are an inspiration. Thank you. Tom Teague, Raleigh artist

  2. Love the work. I love Bob's work as well. I have one of his videos ( as well as a couple of yours) and that was something he mentioned - the use of a theme. I had never done that before. Cool stuff.


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