Friday, May 20, 2011

New Workshop at Jerry's Artarama of Raleigh, NC

Painting Multiple Works at Once

June 25th -26th   10am - 4pm
Join me for this two day acrylic workshop where you will explore the four basic elements; line, shape, color and texture, and their use in abstract compositions.
I will demo my “Black Bag” special exercise that will jump start your own personal journey in abstract expressionist techniques that focus on the "Context" of working on multiple paintings at one time. This section is designed to “tap into” the intuitive you in the process. “Black Bag” exercise supplies provided.
Explore how the creative process works for you! I will introduce you to some of my color theories and compositional ideas that will help you resolve problems while developing multiple abstract acrylic paintings at one time.
I will provide tips and techniques to develop your work in a flowing loose format that will capture the eye’s interest and stimulate your creative spirit! Let your freedom of expression soar in this two day paint fest. Sign Up Here!

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