Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Artcenter Traverse City - Freedom of Abstraction

Artcenter Traverse City - Freedom of Abstraction

My upcoming workshop in Traverse City, Michigan will give me an opportunity to reach out and touch the Abstract Expressionist in you!  In Art, one can find oneself while losing themselves.  I hope to see you in July. Click the link to sign up and enjoy! hope to see you there!
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  1. Location: Art Center Traverse City, Michigan
    Instructor: Joe DiGiulio
    Workshop Fee: Members $315 non members $335
    Medium: Acrylic
    July 20-22 10am-4pm SIGN UP HERE
    Experience the freedom of expression using the four basic elements of abstraction: Line, Shape, Color and Texture. Joe will give you tips and techniques for expression yourself in a non-representational style of painting that will surely rid your inhibitions about putting paint to canvas. Joe's approach will get the new artist freed up to start expressing themselves right away and will help to loosen up the established artist to take the next step towards artistic development. Tap into your inner source of creativity, allowing the intuitive you need to flourish in this three-day painting free for all!


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