Wednesday, April 3, 2013

New Workshop April 21-22nd at Jerry's Artarama of Raleigh, NC

Join me for this all day workshop painting multiple acrylic abstract compositions. I will show you how to incorporate these basic elements into creating multiple works at once. This involves, “series painting” were abstract compositions are worked up simultaneously together to incorporate the “Fifth Element” of Context” as the common thread to create color harmony throughout multiple compositions. I will introduce you to my “process” of developing well composed abstract acrylic paintings. Get into the artist head about how the creative process works for you!  Let your freedom of expression soar in this fun and exciting full day workshop.
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  1. The actual dates are Saturday and Sunday April 20th and 21st

  2. love it . so alive, up-beat, energetic

  3. Hi Joe. Big admirer and have a couple of your DVD's. As I would love to source 5th Element, Wind Spirit or Going Deeper, I am frustrated by the fact that I am unable to have them shipped to Australia. As you have been in Australia developing paint some time ago, I would love to know where I can source your DVD's from the USA or Australia. Thanks for the joy you create in your work. Jen.


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